Friday, February 6, 2009

Total Would Be Less Than Zero

I have a weekly budget of $100 for all groceries and misc. items. I went to Target, Safeway & City Market.

At Target I bought:

My last coupon wouldn't take. The register displayed a message saying "Can't accept coupon, total would be less than zero". My total was only for the tax on the items. I used money-maker items to buy what I needed (soy sauce, sweet & sour sauce) and what I wanted (Stacy's pita chips - love these!) Total OOP $1.29 - put on gift card.

At Safeway there were great deals using Safeway coupons on their site combined with manuf. coupons. Healthy Request soup, Barilla plus pasta & the free Crest to name a few. I just bought what I needed. Saved 71% total OOP $48.88.

Last stop City Market. Not alot just what I mentioned here. Once again just bought what I needed. Saved 62% total OOP $42.64 and just within my budget, yippie!

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  1. Great finds - glad to have found a fellow Colorado bargain shopper!

    Carrie from