Monday, February 23, 2009

Kmart Doubles

We have a very "special" Kmart in Glenwood Springs. They don't like to put out any ads & items are priced more expensive than many other Kmart stores. So when I went to find double deals many of the deals others are getting just aren't possible here. Our Kmart doubled coupons up to $2. I tried to find anything that was either free or for under $1. Here's what I found:

Revlon tweezer $1.99

-$1 Q from 11/16 SS

Revlon enery Boards $.90

-$1 Q from 11/16 SS

Halls cough drops $1

-$.50 Q from 2/8 SS

Carefree panyliners $1.29

-$1 Q peelie

KY $3.99

-$2 Q from 2/1 RP

Reach 2 pack toothbrushes $2.49

-$1 Q from 2/8 RP

That's about it. Pretty disappointing all-in-all, but when you have a store whose prices are very inflated it's difficult to get a good deal even with doubles. Click here for a good list of other possible deals at Kmart.

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