Thursday, April 30, 2009

Totally Woth It

Before I started using coupons I would have to buy a bottle or box of diswashing detergent every week. The best price for that is a store brand, either Target or City Market for about $2.59. Let's say over an 18 week period I would spend about $46.62 on diswashing soap. This is what I bought yesterday at Safeway. I did 3 transactions & paid $9.29 OOP & got back $12 in cats for next time. The Electrasol from this trip will provide me with enough Electrasol to last 18 weeks. I saved $37.33 from what I WOULD have paid for 18 weeks of dishsoap, if I didn't use coupons + got all the other stuff. And that's why couponing is totally worth it for me.

Kellogg's Coupons!

Right now there are a BUNCH of Kellogg's $1 off printable coupons. Also a B1G1 free for Sierra Mist & some Fresh Express Salad coupons also. Find these great coupons right now at the bar at the top of my page. Click on "see all coupons" to scroll through all the coupons available.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Free at Rite Aid!

In the 4/19 RP there were coupons for $1 off any Rice Works. In my Rite Aid up by the front in 3 tier circle basket displays they have small bags of Rice Works for $.99 so you can get them for free! Some papers got B1G1 coupons instead of the $1 off, but if you have both coupons (like I do) you can use them both to get 2 for free!

Safeway Filler

For those of us who have Safeway stores that DON'T double coupons the Zone Perfect bars make a great filler item.

Electrasol $3.99 x6
Bright Green tissue $1.49
Arrowhead water $1.99 x2
Zone Perfect bar $1.25

Coupons used:
Electrasol $2.50 x6
Bright Green in-ad coupon $1
Arrowhead $1 off 2
Zone perfect $.55
$10 LW cat
$2 Arrowhead cat

Total OOP $1.11 +tax and got back $10 LW cat, $2 Arrowhead cat & $1/2 water coupon

Better use those Zone Perfect coupons soon because they expire on 4/30!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Movie Night!

Go pick up a free movie from Redbox. Use the code 4CW33N for a free movie today only! Find a Redbox here.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rite Aid 4/26

There are plenty of good deals this week at Rite Aid. I split this into 2 transactions.
Skintimate Shave Cream $2.99
-$.75 coupon from 4/26 paper
Electrasol $4.49 -$2.50 coupon from 4/19 SS
Purex $6.99 BOGO -used IP BOGO coupon = got both for free!
Optics MiniDrops $6.49 - $1 coupon from here
Halls cough drops $1.99 (x2) - free item coupon (x2)

Also used $5 off $25 coupon from here.
Total OOP $6.86 & will get back $10.73 in rebates.

Trans #2 I had to buy my conditioner so it wasn't as profitable of a transaction. A good idea would be to do the Ban deodorant deal (buy 5 @ $3.49 -$.75 (x5) coupons = 13.70 & get back $10 in rebates) or the Listerene deal using coupons combined with the in-ad coupon.

Giovanni conditioner BOGO $7.99
SaltAire $6.99 - $1.50 coupon from 1/25 SS
Purex BOGO $6.99
- BOGO coupon = got both for free!
Halls $1.99 - free item coupon

Used $5 off $25 coupon

Total OOP $10.54 & will get back $6.99 in rebates.

If you want to see more drugstore savings visit the Drugstore Divas here.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Safeway Trip #6?

I've lost count how many times I've done the Safeway deal. Last night something went wrong though and it didn't trigger the $10 cat to print. I think maybe the Sun Chips because those were the only things I changed. Anyway about 1 1/2 hours later I finally left the store after returning the items & getting my coupons back and purchasing the items that I know work. Did the deal again today spent $5.91 and got $12 in cats back.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Target Clearance

Hopefully everyone is going to pick up 2 Glade Soy candles at Target. They are about $5.50 for each - use 2 $4/1 printables & get a $5 g/c. When you go check for Air Head Extreme candy. It was clearanced at my Target for $.41 & using the $.55 coupons gives a little overage.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Safeway Deal Rolled AGAIN!

I am LOVING this Safeway deal. Sorry the picture is hard to see.
3 Special K - got the water for free
1 Electrasol
4 Kraft Salad Dressing
1 Capri Sun
I Starbucks Ice Cream
1 Bright Green tissues
1 Yakisoba noodles (filler)

Used my $10 cat & paid $3.64 OOP (out of pocket) & got another $10 cat!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Roll your Safeway Living Well Catalina

If you got a $10 cat from Safeway for their Living Well promo it's a good idea to roll it before the promo is over. Today I rolled mine again.

Special K $2.79 -$1.50 coupon off any Kellogg's
Electrosol $3.99 (x6) -$2.50 coupon x6
Capri Sun $1.99 -$.50 in-ad coupon
Bright Green tissue $1.49 -$1 in-ad coupon
=$13.56 - $10 Living Well cat = $3.56 OOP
+ got another $10 cat to roll again, hopefully!

If your store has Capri Sun Sunrise you can get an even better deal.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Safeway 4/15

Safeway has their Living Well promo going on right now. Buy $30 of participating items and get a $10 OYNO CAT. I just bought what was on my list & items for the promo. Paid $42.74 & got a $10 CAT.

Trans. #2 Rolled the $10 CAT to get these items. Paid $5.59 & got another $10 CAT. Found PHisoderm for $3.49 (part of the LW promo) with $2 peelies on the front.

If your Safeway doubles or if they have the Bertolli sauce pouches you can get alot of items for free.

Target Trip 4/16

I made 2 trips to Target today. The first time I got the greatest cashier. She knows what she's doing, is super nice, and doesn't hassle me about my coupons. The best find was Dentyne gum that was on clearance for $.72 using $.75 coupon from 2/22 SS made it free.

After going home and getting the rest of my Dentyne coupons I went back to get more and also to get Clorox wipes. I had a horrible cashier this time who obviously didn't know how to handle coupons and completely messed up my transaction. It took half an hour to get it straightened out and I still think that Guest Services and the Asset Protection guy think I'm ripping them off somehow. Very frustrating.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

City Market 4/15

I went to City Market today to pick up some sunscreen & grabbed some of the deals they had also. If your store doubles you can get most of this for free. Mine does not so I paid $14.34 for this & saved 84%.

And I'm not happy with the way my store treated me today. I had the $1 off Quaker coupon and they were on sale for $.88. The cashier did not want to take the coupon and I said "just take them off then, I don't want them." Then after much grumbling another cashier told her to just put in $.88 for each coupon. It was a big ordeal because after that she scrutinized every single one of my coupons and I think I had 30.

Kmart Doubles are back!

Starting the 19th Kmart will be doubling up to $2 in some stores. Check here to see if your Kmart is participating.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Free Reynolds Wrap

Free roll of Reynolds wrap 100% recycled foil. Click here to get yours.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Target Clearance

Be sure to hit Target today for their Easter clearance. All Easter items were 50% off.

Hershey's Bliss was $1.69 so a moneymaker after using manf. coupon and Target coupon.

Egg coloring kits were $.74. I always buy these and save them for next year.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cheese $.99 or less!

City Market is having a weekend sale on their cheese. It's only $.99 and if you have the coupon from their recent mailer it's even cheaper.

Safeway also has Wheat Thins for $1.69 - buy the Artisian crackers and use the B1G1 coupon from 3/15 SS and get 2 boxes for $1.69.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Cheap candy for the Easter Basket

At Target right now you can use your Air Head Extremes coupon from last Sunday to get them cheap. They were $.59 here and using the $.55 coupon made them $.04.

Also at Target right now is the Hershey Bliss candy. It was $2.99 here & using the manf. $1 coupon (3/1 SS) combined with the $1 Target coupon here makes it only $.99.

Also at Target are the $1 off fruit snack printable which makes their full size box of fruit snacks $.52. Click here for that coupon.

Other non-candy items:

Using the coupon from the 4/5 insert you can get trial size Axe shower gel for free.

Use the McCormick $.75 coupon from a recent insert to get free or cheap seasoning. A packet of gravy mix is $.50 at Walmart right now so that is a possible overage.

Monday, April 6, 2009

$2 ALL Printable Coupon - Today ONLY!

You can print a $2 coupon for All Small & Mighty only till 11 pm. today, after that it's a $1 coupon. Click here for your coupon.

Target Coupons!

There are a couple of great Target coupons on their site.

$1 Target coupons for Hershey Bliss candy. Use this with the $1 off manf. coupon. They both don't expire untill after Easter so you could pick up some great deals in the after Easter clearance.

$2 Target coupon for Schick Quattro for women. Use this with the $4 off Schick Quattro coupon from a couple weeks ago.

Click here for the Target coupons.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

City Market 4/1

A few good deals this week

Tree Top juice is B1G1 $3.79 & get 1 dozen eggs free
-$1 off 2 coupon in last weeks insert ymmv some stores don't allow a coupon on a B1G1

Dole fruit is $1
-$.75/2 from 2/1 SS

Reynolds wrap 50 ft $2.50
-$1/1 from 2/8 SS

Also watch for $1 off peelies on Foster Farms chicken WYB Reynolds

Muir Glen tomato paste is $.99
-$.75 coupon from SS insert

3 day sale:

Ball Park franks $.99
-$1 off 2 coupon from 3/15 RP

8 pc fried chicken is $4.99
- $1 off from recent mailer

Buns are $.50
-there was a coupon in a recent mailer for $1 off WYB buns & 2 manwich. Manwich is still on sale for $1 ea.

There are also plenty of great deals without coupons on things like milk and especially produce now that they've lowered their prices. Cucumbers are 2/$1 which is a great price.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Free Redbox Movie 4/1

Good only for today 4/1. Use code MMM401 to get a free Redbox movie rental. Find a Redbox near you here.