Saturday, February 28, 2009

February Totals

I had some good trips to City Market & Safeway today saving 92% and 90% at each store.

I have a budget of $100/week for food & toiletries and any other items we might need to get from the store for a family of 6. This month I spent a total of $336.45 OOP and saved a total of $1350.77 and will be getting $48 in rebates and a $10 g/c also.

Safeway 2/28 ONLY!

It looks like today (Saturday) is the day to head to Safeway. Grab an ad for these Safeway coupons:

FREE 2 liter Pepsi

$.99 Lucerne Butter

$.99 Kellogg's -$.70 Kellogs coupon from 2/22 paper (the butter & cereal coupons are limit 1 per transaction but with no minimum purchase requirements, so if you want more than one of each you will have to split them into multiple transactions. It's worth it for $.29 cereal.)

Also there is a $10 off $50 coupon that can be used only through 2/28 in the ad. Good deals with a 48 hour sale:

Tyson breaded frozen chicken $3.99
Iceberg lettuce $.49
Campbell's Select Harvest $.88
- $.50/2 coupon from insert
- $1 off 4 Safeway coupon from here

Lucerne dozen eggs $.87

Friday, February 27, 2009

Free at City Market

It looks like Kroger stores have Ritz Snak Sacks for $1. Use $2 off any 2 from 1/25 SS to get them for FREE.

Also the Comforts flushable wipes are on sale for $1 - if you got the recent mailer there is a $1 off wipes and a $5 off any 3 so this was a money-maker for me today. There are also some $1 Comforts peelies out there you could use also.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Target Finds!

Not included in the photo is a gift for my soon-to-be 4 year old - the gift cost $21.99, but after the overages from these items I paid $10.62 for everything + $5.87 tax. Total OOP $16.49.

The KY and Bausch & Lomb Soothe were nice overages but the new one for today was the Gillette trial size body wash clearanced for $.48. In the recent P&G inserts there have been $2 off any 2 and there is not a size restriction so with 22 of these I had an overage of $11.44.

Reach toothbrushes were $.97 - using $1 coupon from 2/8 RP made these free.

The kids have decided to use the Gillette to play bowling in the living room - so it's kind of like a bonus!

One More Kmart Freebie!

Thanks to Shopping Queen for letting me know about this one. Oral-B Indicator Twin pack is $3.69 at my Kmart. Use $2 coupon from 2/1 P&G insert. Today I was able to buy 10 toothbrushes & 6 Halls cough drops and only pay $1.12 for sales tax.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Swagbucks Swag Code - ACT FAST!

The first 10,000 will get one Swag Buck for entering HappySwagDay on Swagbucks. Still not earning Swagbucks? Go here to start!

Get your Safeway ad today!

Be sure to grab extra copies of the Safeway ad that came out today. Not only are there super coupons for free pop & $.99 cereal but also a coupon for $10 off a $50 purchase and the $30 g/c coupon for transferred prescriptions. Want to check out your local ad click here.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More Johnson's Buddies, Anyone?

If you don't already have enough of these you can go here to print more. Don't forget to hit your browser's back button to print 2.

New Cellfire Coupons

Looks like some new e-coupons have been added to Cellfire including Colgate, Yoplait & Cottonelle. Go here to get yours added to your value card.

My Rite Aid Trip

I split my Rite Aid trip into 3 transactions.

Trans #1:

One Touch Mini meter $19.99

Zilactin $4.99

Wheat Thins 4oz. $1.25 (x2)

Ritz 4oz. $1.25 (x2)

-$5 off $25

-$19.99 One Touch coupon from 1/25 paper

-$2 off 2 Ritz or Wheat Thins (x2) from 1/25 SS

Total OOP $1.18 - will get $4.99 in SCR

Trans. #2:

Prilosec 42ct $24.99

Reese's Whipps $.50 (x2)

-$5 OFF $25

- $5 Prilosec coupon from home mailer

- $1/2 Reese's Whips from 1/4 SS

Total OOP $16.71 - will recieve $6 in SCR & $24.99 goes towards rebate #98 a $10 g/c.

Trans. #3:

Bic Soleil $4.99

Ritz 4 oz. $1.25 (x2)

Bic Comfort 3 $4.49

Garnier Fructis Wonder Waves $2.99

SoyJoy $.50 (x10)

Herbal Essence hair color (clearanced) $2.49

-$5 off $25

-$2 Bic in-ad Rite Aid coupon (x2)

-$2 Bic coupon from 1/18 SS (x2)

-$2 off Ritz or Wheat Thins from 1/25 SS

-$1 Garnier coupon from various inserts

-$3 off purchase of 10 SoyJoy from 1/4 SS

-$2 off Herbal Essence hair color in-ad Rite Aid coupon (x2)

-$3/2 Herbal Essence hair color from 2/8 (?) paper

Total OOP $.30 - will recieve $2.99 SCR for Garnier item & $5 SCR for SoyJoy.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Ragu at Safeway - ACT NOW!

Thanks to Angela at Frugal Living for emailing me about this deal.

Ragu is $.99 (x4)
-$.50/2 coupons from inserts (x2)

Total OOp is $2.96 for 4 *PLUS a $2.00 Catalina will print to use on your next order. You can then use that Catalina to use to buy 4 more & get yet another $2.00 Catalina. The Ragu sale ends tomorrow so act now.

Kmart Doubles

We have a very "special" Kmart in Glenwood Springs. They don't like to put out any ads & items are priced more expensive than many other Kmart stores. So when I went to find double deals many of the deals others are getting just aren't possible here. Our Kmart doubled coupons up to $2. I tried to find anything that was either free or for under $1. Here's what I found:

Revlon tweezer $1.99

-$1 Q from 11/16 SS

Revlon enery Boards $.90

-$1 Q from 11/16 SS

Halls cough drops $1

-$.50 Q from 2/8 SS

Carefree panyliners $1.29

-$1 Q peelie

KY $3.99

-$2 Q from 2/1 RP

Reach 2 pack toothbrushes $2.49

-$1 Q from 2/8 RP

That's about it. Pretty disappointing all-in-all, but when you have a store whose prices are very inflated it's difficult to get a good deal even with doubles. Click here for a good list of other possible deals at Kmart.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rite Aid Deals 2/22 - 3/1

There's some nice freebies at Rite Aid this week.

10 Soy Joy bars $5

- $3 Q from 1/4 SS

- Get $5 SCR

Garnier Fructis Wonder Waves $2.99

- $1 Q from insert

- Get $2.99 SCR

Reese's Whipps are $.50

-$1/2 Q from 1/4 SS

Zilactin $4.99

- Get $4.99 SCR

Fellow couponer Terri also told me about a great deal for Bic razors & crackers. These make great "filler" items to get to that magical $25.

Bic disposable razors are $4.99
-$2 in-ad coupon
-$2 Q from

Ritz 4oz. crackers are $1.25
-$2 off any 2 from 1/25 SS

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Another Rite Aid Trip

I just HAD to use this $10 Rite Aid coupon that was only good for 2 days. I bought these items:

And paid $.85 (put on g/c)

Target Trip 2/19

Some good deals at Target.

$2 money-makers were Bausch & Lomb trial size and of course the KY. Everything else was either small money makers or free except for the Tums & Stacy's Pita Chips (I'm completely addicted to these.) Total OOP $7.18 with a savings of $49.85 ** BONUS was the Starbucks coupon that printed out that will work great with my Starbucks g/c I got from my Swagbucks searches. Still don't have Swagbucks? Check out my post here.

** Although my Target was out, I've heard that some Reach toothbrushes are $.97 use $1 coupn from 2/8 RP for a free toothbrush.

Friday, February 20, 2009

FREE at Safeway

FREE PediaSure NutriPals at Safeway. These were on sale for $2 - use $2 coupon on any 6pack from 1/11 SS insert.

Rite Aid Coupon 2/20 & 2/21 ONLY

Click here for a $5 off $20 purchase at Rite Aid or click here for a $10 off $30 purchase this Friday & Saturday ONLY.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Safeway Deals 2/18

Take advantage of some good deals at Safeway this week.

5lb box of Clementines are $4.88 use $1 coupon from 2/1 SS

Progresso soup is $1.25 use $1.10 coupon here

Ken's Salad Dressing is $1.50 use $1 coupon from 1/11 SS

Fresh Express Salad is $1 use $1/2 Safeway coupon from here

Don't forget your Bayer (looks like the Bayer might be a dead deal now), Colgate & Crest coupons for more freebies. If you missed it last week you can read about it here.

Other notable items:

Red peppers are $.99

Milk is $1.77/gal

Kmart Double Coupons 2/22

Time for Kmart double coupons again starting this Sunday. My ad is showing up to $2. Check here to see if your local store is participating.

Monday, February 16, 2009

New Target Printable Coupons

Go here to print Target coupons. Remember Target coupons can be combined with manuf. coupons for extra savings!

Printable for Kroger Diapers

Go here to print a $3 off 1 on Kroger Comforts diapers.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Rite Aid Trip

I bought:

28 Hershey's

12 cough drops

2 Cetirizine

Total $.48 & $.54 (put on g/c). I goofed up though & forgot to buy "filler" items to make up for the $5 off $25 coupon I used so I still have a few Hershey's B1G1 coupons left now.

Rite Aid 2/15 - 2/21

Freebies at Rite Aid this week:

Cetirizine is $5
- $5 printable coupon when you sign up at

Rite Aid cough drops are $.50
- $.50 printable coupon here.

Now is a perfect time to use all those Hershey's B1G1 coupons from 1/25 (?) insert. They are B1G1 this week so for each coupon you have you will get 2 free.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Free Gillette Shampoo at City Market

If you haven't already used your e-coupon for $2 off Gillette shampoo now would be a good time to use it at City Market. They're on sale for $3.99
- $2 e-coupon here

- $2 coupon from 1/18 P&G

Rite Aid Deal 2/14 ONLY

If you're going to Rite Aid today print this $10 off $30 coupon. Use it with a couple of One Touch Mini glucose meters to get some free stuff!

Friday, February 13, 2009

FREE Stuff at Safeway

Aaaahh the Tower of Freebies.... many have marveled at it's beauty. Nathaniel made this & I thought I'd share.

Using Safeway coupons from their site combined with manuf. coupons the Crest $2.49 was free. The Colgate was $2.49 and also free. Bayer low-dose asprin 32ct. was on sale for $1 and there are manuf. coupons for $1.

Other great, but not free deals:

Hormel pork tenderloin

Betty Crocker cookie mix & frosting

Kelloggs Frosted Mini Wheats

Spent $50.89 & saved $137.30 that's 74%

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Swagbucks - Search & Win!

If by some chance you don't already use Swagbucks, you should. What is Swagbucks? It's a search engine, like google - actually it's powered by google, only you are rewarded points that you can use for various prizes. I've used mine to get Amazon and Starbucks gift cards. You can earn more points by referring friends so when you're ready to sign up PLEASE click here.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rite Aid 2/7 - 2/13

Free at Rite Aid this week:

Garnier Fructis hairspray or mousse is $2.99

-$2.99 SCR #72

-$1 coupon from 1/4 paper

Reese's are 2/$1

-$1 off 2 from 1/4 SS

Durex items are $6.00
-$6.00 SCR #30
I've also heard that some areas received a $2 off coupon in Sunday's paper, if you did than this is a money-maker.

Nivea Lip Care products are $2.99

-$2.00 SCR #64

-$1.00 coupon from 2/8 insert

Less than $1 item:

Finesse shampoo, conditioner or style product is $2.99

-$1.99 SCR #75

-$.75 coupon from 2/8 insert

Friday, February 6, 2009

Total Would Be Less Than Zero

I have a weekly budget of $100 for all groceries and misc. items. I went to Target, Safeway & City Market.

At Target I bought:

My last coupon wouldn't take. The register displayed a message saying "Can't accept coupon, total would be less than zero". My total was only for the tax on the items. I used money-maker items to buy what I needed (soy sauce, sweet & sour sauce) and what I wanted (Stacy's pita chips - love these!) Total OOP $1.29 - put on gift card.

At Safeway there were great deals using Safeway coupons on their site combined with manuf. coupons. Healthy Request soup, Barilla plus pasta & the free Crest to name a few. I just bought what I needed. Saved 71% total OOP $48.88.

Last stop City Market. Not alot just what I mentioned here. Once again just bought what I needed. Saved 62% total OOP $42.64 and just within my budget, yippie!

FREE Crest at Safeway

Get FREE Crest at Safeway using the $1.50 P&G ecoupon here and the Safeway $1 coupon here. It's on sale for $2.49 right now so grab some while you can!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kroger - City Market Deals 2/4 - 2/10

If you're lucky (I'm not) and your store doubles or triples you can get alot of things free or moneymakers this week. Even though my store doesn't, there are still a few things worth mentioning.

GREAT deals for cereal. General Mills is on sale for $1.67. Use this with ecoupons from Shortcuts and Cellfire combined with the many General Mills coupons from inserts or print some here or here to make them less than $.50/box. AND if you happen to have some peelies for $1 off milk WYB Multigrain Cheerios (like I do - yahoo!) then you can get milk for $.77/gal Friday - Sunday.

Yoplait kids cup $2.00 (X2) - $.75/2 ecoupon & $1.50/1 printable = $.13/ea

Prilosec OTC 14ct. $9.99 - $3.00 ecoupon & $3.00 blinkie coupon or $2 from insert = $3.99

Totino's pizza rolls $1.25 (x4) - $.50 ecoupon and $.50 ecoupon and $1.00/2 coupon = $.25 & $.75 each

There is a "Mega Sale" get $3 off WYB 10 itmems. Not very good deals unless your store doubles.

Also a 3 day sale Fri - Sun
4.99lb ribeye
$1.77/gal Milk
$1.88 Oroweat bread

A few other sales worth noting:

$1 peppers
93% ground beef BOGO
L'oreal BOGO

Sunday, February 1, 2009

RITE AID 2/1 Trip


One Touch UltraMini - $19.99
-Used $20.00 coupon from 1/25 paper

KY Intrigue $17.00
-Used $5.00 coupon from 12/7/08 or 2/1/09 paper

Cover Girl Makeup Sponge Puff $2.99 BOGO
-Used $2.50 off 2 coupon from 1/18 paper

Cover Girl Eyebrow pencils $2.89 BOGO
-Used $2.50 off 2 coupon from 1/18 paper

Glade plug-in scented oil $1.19
-Used free item peelie

Glade plug-in scented oil $1.19
-Used BOGO coupon (not sure of the insert)

-Used $5 off $25

Total $9.62 & will receive $5 in rebates.