Monday, May 25, 2009

I LOVE the "Supervisor" at my Target

To the "supervisor" at my Target: I really love it that you take the time to make me feel like a valued customer. You clearly go out of your way to make this "guest" feel appreciated for spending money at your place of employment. Just the fact that I can count on you to come over to whichever lane I am in to scrutinize my transaction and then talk about me to 5 other employees really makes me feel glad that I choose to shop at my local Target. I honestly cannot comprehend why you make up bogus rules about Target's coupon policy - I have Target's coupon policy so don't push me lady.

All sarcasm aside, I have been pleasant with this employee and all I have gotten in return is a rude attitude and her vaguely mentioning the "Asset Protection" guy makes me feel like a criminal - it's just wrong. The first run-in I had with this guest services employee I posted a little about it here.

The other day my total was $120 before coupons - it included $38 worth of birthday gifts for my twins. I had a great cashier, she spoke little English but was getting through the transaction just fine. This is when the "supervisor" decides to come over and ask my cashier "what's the problem here?" My cashier says there's no problem and that's when power trip lady decided to say that I can only use one of a certain coupon in the transaction. I didn't say anything because I want to be nice (not make any waves) & THANK GOD she leaves. I am so glad I kept my mouth shut otherwise I probably would have left with nothing. Anyway my cashier is the only one checking out people and, of course, a line starts to form. Meanwhile psycho "supervisor" is in Starbucks with 5 other employees. I look at her and she is OBVIOUSLY talking about me. It was incredibly rude and humiliating. The cashier says "she's my supervisor so I have to do what she says." I tell her that if she's the supervisor she should be doing her job and either getting more cashiers or just checkout out people herself rather than badmouthing me. Now I am dreading going back to Target.

This is what I got. Not pictured are the $38 in gifts. I paid just over $31 for everything, gifts included. The Soothe drops were great moneymakers because they were clearanced for $.48.


  1. That is exactly why I don't shop at Target anymore! They are always rude and act like you are trying to steal from them. I have finally given's not worth it to me. Lisa

  2. I definitely find that I am spending more time at Walmart vs Target mostly as a result of the way they are handling their coupon policies. I've been fortunate to have polite and understanding supervisors (I've had to fight two price matching battles) and cashiers. They don't change their policy for me, but at least they are not rude. I'm beginning to wonder if the Colorado division of Target (if there is one) is taking their directives a bit more strictly.