Monday, May 4, 2009

And Even More Safeway Deals...

There's a new Safeway promo right now that you can stack with the Living Well promo - at least till tomorrow. Buy 5 Sara Lee products & get a $5 OYNO cat. On the Ball Park Franks there are $1 peelies. I paid $7.52 OOP & got $17 back.

The $5 Sara Lee cat & the $2 water cat printed fine but for some reason the $10 LW cat didn't. I talked to the manager right then & told him the only thing I changed was the Ball Park items. He confirmed that it should have printed & gave me a g/c for $10. Just a note: if my cat doesn't print I'm not one whose going to call the cat company & wait for it in the mail. If the store won't do something about it than I return my items & get my coupons back.

Another great deal is the Extra Fruit Sensations. It's on sale BOGO right now & combined with the BOGO coupons you can get them both for free. ymmv


  1. could you tell me the price of the goodlife dog food before coupons? trying to figure out if its a good deal.

  2. At my Safeway it was $5.49 - but I've heard that at some stores it's $4.99.

    I bought:

    3 Goodlife $5.49 = $16.47
    2 Electrasol $3.99 = $7.98
    2 Water $1.99 = $3.98
    1 Capri Sun $1.99
    Total = $30.42

    Goodlife coupons $9
    Electrasol coupons $5
    Water coupon $1
    Capri Sun coupon $1 - you might be able to use the $.50 super coupon for this also, my Safeway is not allowing me to use both right now.
    $10 LW cat
    $2 water cat

    HTH. I know I'm trying to get 1 or 2 more transactions in before the promo is over.

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  4. do you have to use the 10 off coupon by today?
    I didn't get one on my last trans because I fouled up on the total and didn't realize it till later. So the one I would get today for buying all of the dog food....?

  5. No - you don't have to use it today. They usually have an expiration date for about 2 weeks. The ones I got yesterday expire 5/18. Today is just the last day to receive any more of the $10 cats.