Saturday, May 2, 2009

I LOVE Safeway Right Now!

Okay I LOVE the promo right now, not necessarily the employees. Actually I'm very disappointed about how many of them seem to think I am ripping them off somehow. I'm spending alot of money in their store, it's just not me paying it!

Stopped at Safeway, once again. I paid about $35 for these items. But I messed up and bought the wrong size of Frosted Flakes so I'll have to go back (uh oh) to get it right. On my second transaction I actually saved 99%!

I bought what I needed: milk, chicken, pork loin, broccoli, trash bags, tortilla shells, etc. along with items for 2 LW transactions.

Also a great deal was the Coke sale. I cashed in some of my Coke Rewards to get (4) $1 off coupons and got 4 Coke 12 packs & a case of Dasani water for $8!

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