Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kmart Doubles - YMMV

Ok, so like most of us die-hard semi-psychotic couponers I had heard the buzz that Kmart would be doubling coupons the week of June 7th. There were some posting that "yes" most stores would double, however the ads were not showing doubles. I decided to directly email Kmart coorporate to find out for myself. This is the email I sent:

Original Message Follows: ------------------------
I am trying to find out if my local Kmart is going to be a part of the double coupon event starting this Sunday June 7th. I have heard that most Kmart's will be involved but my local store's ad does not have any information about it. Could you please clarify which Kmart's in Colorado will be having double coupons, I am specifically interested in the Kmart in Glenwood Springs, CO 81601. Thank you for your time.

Here is the response I recived:

Thank you for contacting Kmart regarding the Kmart Double Coupon Event. We appreciate your interest in this promotion. This event is for select participating Kmart locations from 6/7 - 6/13. All Kmart store located in Colorado will be participating in this event. We invite you to visit any of the participating stores.


Jessica C.

Retail Customer Care

Sears Holdings Corporation

So since the email said all Colorado stores were doubling I planned ahead with my coupons and printed both emails to take to my Kmart with me today. When I went to check out the manager was unaware of the coupon event but after showing him the email he was nice and did his best to make the transaction right because the register wasn't automatically doubling. I made 2 trips, here is the 2nd trip: Paid $2.98 OOP

My Kmart's prices are higher than most but I'm pleased with the items I purchased. After buying 7 bags of Cat food, 6 bags of Cat Treats, rubber gloves and Oust the cashieer asked "Just how many cat's do you have?" HA! Actually I don't have any cats at all.


  1. I've been a little afraid to try our local Kmart due to wondering how incompetent the cashier might be and whether or not I'd actually get the doubles after all the work. Maybe I'll give it a shot.
    (If you need a cat owner...we have one). :oD

  2. Ugggghh! I sent a email to Kmart customer service and I got a email for a guy saying that only Auroa Kmart is participating in the doubling this week. I wish I had gotten Jessica C. respoinding to my email. Ha.
    Sarah, CSprings

  3. Yup - this weeks event was terribly handled by Kmart's corp. offices. There seemed to be no communication with the stores and conflicting information depending on who you talked to at corp. They really should get it together because double coupons are the only reason I EVER go to Kmart.

    I only made those 2 trips & probably won't go back this week, I'm out of coupons for the free items & I really hate to pay for anything at Kmart.

  4. I HATE doing the $2doubles at Kmart, they are awesome deals, and I go...but I do it with much hesitation. They are much like Target has been lately, treating you like you are a criminal and trying to steal from them.
    A few good deals I got this week were:
    Listerine Total Care (FREE)
    Chinet Plates (FREE)
    Worcheshire Sauce (FREE)
    BabyRays BBQ Sauce (FREE)
    Oust (FREE)
    and of course lots of diapers for our ever growing collection! Even if you dont have babies, these are AWESOME gifts for baby showers!