Saturday, October 24, 2009

Oct. 23 Shopping Trips - Target and City Market Deals

Ran to Target to do the Glade g/c deal a few times and get some cheap peanut butter. Also found the Febreeze for $.14 and a free Gillette razor using the $4 coupon. Spent $7.59 and have about $6 on these g/c.

Went to City Market. I had some great coupons for the Post buy 4 save $4 deal. Also got Muir Glen organic tomato paste for $.10 each. Picked up some free yogurt and found some Sargento cheese clearanced, with a coupon it was about $.20. Otherwise just bought what I needed: milk, flour, bread, eggs, some produce. Used my $10 cat from the joint juice deal last week and paid $14.54 OOP.


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  3. It doesn't look like you're blogging anymore. Do you know of any other Colorado coupon bloggers? Thanks!