Thursday, April 30, 2009

Totally Woth It

Before I started using coupons I would have to buy a bottle or box of diswashing detergent every week. The best price for that is a store brand, either Target or City Market for about $2.59. Let's say over an 18 week period I would spend about $46.62 on diswashing soap. This is what I bought yesterday at Safeway. I did 3 transactions & paid $9.29 OOP & got back $12 in cats for next time. The Electrasol from this trip will provide me with enough Electrasol to last 18 weeks. I saved $37.33 from what I WOULD have paid for 18 weeks of dishsoap, if I didn't use coupons + got all the other stuff. And that's why couponing is totally worth it for me.


  1. you're so smart!

  2. That really puts it in perspective. Thanks!